The Company

USHER PRODUCTIONS is the leading provider of comprehensive and reliable content, technical or creative in nature, for all your production requirements. Our clientele extends across a varied network of industry specialists and over the years we have accumulated a wealth of experience that helps us serve you better. We develop our own, as well as third party projects, synergising with industry professionals from the entertainment and advertising industries. We also collaborate with producers and production houses to provide our clients a wide range of production related services.

Be it story writing, location scouting, managing shoots, actor screening, prop provision, editing or directing requirements, catering or transportation, we bridge the gap between you and the best professionals of the industry.  Not just that, we can take care of all your permissions, equipmentand licensing needs, so that you may focus your attention to the other more important facets of production.

We cater to projects of all sizes and our core strength lies in the vast network of personnel and professionals we have built over the years. Owing to the artistic sector that Usher Agency functions in, and our years of alliance with the entertainment industry, we would be the best source for all of your production and development related requirements. 

Our team is committed to creating a wow experience for each client with co-ordination and professionalism often seen lacking in the sector. We aim to achieve nothing less than flawless communication between you, your creative partners, and your valuable clients, so that your objectives are achieved with seamless efficiency.

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